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Published 20.07.2222
JW DJ Academy Opens In Dome View Yard London

JW DJ Academy Opens In Dome View Yard London

Our sister company JW DJ Academy, are delighted to announce that they have just opened up a new studio in the heart of London. Just a short walk from North Greenwich tube, the studio is opening on the 2nd week of August with a range of benefits including 24-hour parking available for our students. This is perfect for those seeking to perfect their craft into the late hours!

At JW DJ Academy we take pride in forging lasting bonds with DJs and music artists in the industry. We seek to transfer a huge abundance of skills and information to a wide array of students. Our mission allows us to recognise the value and potential in every student in order to help them flourish.

Our goal is to foster young people and endow them with a sense of confidence so that they can either strive to be a professional DJ or acquire transferable skills that will take them down other career pathways. We have a myriad of tutors who are also DBS verified and who have a passion to assist and nurture their students.

JW DJ Academy also strives to be inclusive to everyone, which is why we have a large number of female students. In this sense, we like to break stigmas and stereotypes around the industry being one exclusively reserved for men. We also want to create a safe space for women which is why we offer courses like the Woman Only Beginner DJ Course. We are an inclusive body of people who celebrate those with differences and welcome those from all walks of life. There is no better place to unlock your inner potential and strive toward achieving your goals than at JW DJ Academy.

We specialise in offering a range of comprehensive courses that are completely accustomed to each individual across a variety of different levels and genres. For example, those who are completely new to this world will be able to find a DJ course that fits their level like ‘Introduction to Djing’ which is a 1-day workshop. Those who want to focus on a particular genre can enrol in courses like the House Music DJ course which is led by London’s Leading DJ agency. Whatever your niche is, JW DJ Academy can accommodate your needs with a myriad of DJ lessons and courses.

At JW DJ Academy, we know that the music industry is extremely competitive which is why we believe in setting up our students for success in the future. Whether it is by creating a positive and inspiring learning environment, or ensuring that there is a focus on every individual student, JW DJ Academy is ready to assist.

Remember that you can now find us at:

Dome View Yard

Unit 11

267 Tunnel Avenue London

SE10 0PQ

For more information on JW DJ Academy you can contact us at We look forward to meeting you and helping you on your journey!