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Published 26.08.2020
Our New Independent House Music Record Label

Our New Independent House Music Record Label


Launched off the back of an inspiring production session that bled into the early hours of one morning back in 2020, Exigo Records was devised in the very environment that it aims to design for its artists. 

Their mission statement is to capture and carry forwards those moments of unfettered imagination and creativity. Exigo Records welcomes in and nurtures all like-minded talent given they meet the label’s core values of inclusion, passion, and inspiration.

The flexible, limitless conditions the label has created for its artists has seen them bear fruits in only a relative short period of time. Resident producers JMP and Reece Edwards have both achieved success on Beatport’s Tech House Top 100 Tracks - Edwards peaking at #64 with ‘Down OK’ and JMP reaching #2 with ‘Como Siempre’ respectively. In fact, every Exigo Records release to date has achieved a Tracksource charting, given the label strives for quality and consistency. Other standout examples of Exigo Records’ rising stock are Flomine reaching #49 on Beatport’s House Top 100 Tracks with ‘Elephant Tusk (Original Mix)’, and Untwisted peaking at #25 on the Tech House Top 100 Tracks with ‘Bass Found’. The list goes on.

Exigo Records is now one of the UK’s renowned and respected independent electronic music distribution companies, with a principal focus on the creation and production of electronic music in all its intriguing, spectacular shapes and forms. The label utilises its innovations in technology and creativity to nourish their current artists, but also open doors for new talent looking for opportunities in the industry. Exigo Records actively invites demo submissions from budding producers, forever keen to extend their family, identify potential, and offer a platform for artists and producers to reach the heights they’re capable of. Even if they don’t quite know it just yet.

The vastness of expertise the label offers DJs, producers, and artists extends from the studio to the club events its hosts. Spanning from London to Ibiza, from Dubai to New York, the labels international events offer a platform promoted by the savviest minds in PR to showcase its talent and encourage engagement with similarly-minded administrators, facilitators, and idealists. Exigo Records is globally connected, and globally respected.


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